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Bali Fashion / Swimwear Photo & Video

Bali Fashion Photography is an ever growing industry here on the island of Bali.
We create gorgeous fashion photo and video campaigns for local and international brands using Bali’s endless, beautiful locations. With the help of Baliprod's in-house and freelance fashion photographers in Bali, stylists and make-up artists, we will create content that will make sure your customers are itching to get their hands on your next collection.

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Fashion Videography

Fashion Photography

Balishoot creative team will work with you to create a concept that is tailored to your brand’s image.

The right look is the most important key to any successful fashion campaign. Here at Balishoot, we have many fashion photographers, hair and make up artists and stylists options for you to choose from.

Our team at Bali Model Agency (BMA), our model agency will help you select the perfect model for your shoot. We also have many options of fantastic freelance models.